Postal Workers Take Part in “National Day of Action”

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF-TV) – If you drove by the Shallowford Road post office processing center this afternoon,
you saw Chattanooga’s version of the "National Day of Action."
Employees and supporters still hope to somehow save the facility from the latest round of cuts.

The Postal Service reported a 1.9 billion dollar loss for the first three months this year despite continued cost-cutting.
And that’s the underlying problem behind the closing of 140 plants since 2012.
But for these postal workers, its a question of saving jobs and service here in Chattanooga.
The gathered on a cold, blustery afternoon to make their point.

JUDY STOCKER, PRES. AMERICAN POSTAL WORKERS UNION LOCAL 192 "They are actually in the black. So we are a self-supported entity of the government…one of the few."

Judy Stocker says the post office would more than pay for itself without the 2006 "pre-funding mandate" which takes 5.5 billion dollars a year out of its profits to provide for future retirement benefits.
The Shallowford road center will fall victim to the budget cuts.

PAULA KEYLON, CHATTANOOGA "… we come by here all the time…with our afternoon mail after the post office is…so it would be a big deal for us."

These post office employees joined thousands of others across the country to condemn the new cost-saving moves. They say, under the plan, all mail, medicine, online purchases, local newspapers, church bulletins, letters, bill payments, invitations throughout the country will be delayed.
But what about career employees who work here.

JUDY STOCKER "If they’ve been employed for the past 6 years we have a no layoff laws in the labor contract that we have…and they will be guarenteed a position somewhere."

These postal service employees are asking that the public email congress asking for the appropriations Committee to prevent the closing of any more service centers and post offices. But those we spoke with—don’t really expect that to happen.

Union leaders say 51 senators and 160 house members have called for a one year moratorium on closing any more processing centers.

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