Posting your COVID-19 vaccination record could make you a scam victim

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- Yesterday, Governor Brian Kemp has extended the eligibility to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in the state of Georgia.

As more and more people get vaccinated, the Better Business Bureau is warning about a vaccine related scam.

The COVID-19 vaccination record card is probably one of the most wanted pieces of papers around the world. But, local pharmacists and the better business bureau are warning that posting it to social media could cost you—-big time.

Jim Winsett, president of the Chattanooga Better Business Bureau, says, “Identity theft starts some where. In this case, it is starting with your accurate name and a date of birth which already online can lead to other personal information. So, in an effort to avoid any continuance or issues with identity theft, we certainly advise people not to do that.”

According to the bureau, scammers in Great Britain have been caught selling fake cards on eBay and TikTok.

The BBB says that even though that has not happened here, as travel restrictions are lifted there have been provisions put in place for vaccinated people, and that’s why they are issuing this warning.

Pharmacist Alan Winter says that at Cherokee Pharmacy they encourage their patients to put their vaccination card in a safe place because of the important information that is on it.

Pharmacist Alan Winter, with Cherokee Pharmacy, says, “It has the name of the vaccine, it has the lot number on there, it has the name and date given. We encourage them to keep it in their wallet or purse.”

Both the BBB and Winter suggest that you review your security settings on social media and ask for a vaccine sticker and post that instead.

After you get your COVID-19 vaccine at Cherokee Pharmacy, in Cleveland, they do give you one of those COVID-19 vaccination stickers.

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