Potential of mixing and matching COVID-19 vaccines

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF) – “There was not any vote taken about mixing and matching,” said N.C. State/public health scientist Dr. Julie Swann.

The official guidance is to get the same vaccine for your COVID vaccine booster dose as you did previously.

“The official guidance that has been recommended is if you’ve had two of Pfizer then you should go ahead and get a booster of Pfizer. If you’ve two doses of Moderna, last week, the FDA recommendation was to get a booster in Moderna. Now that is still going to the CDC right now,” said  Swann.

Studies are looking into the effects of getting different vaccines.

“Studies of people who have had two doses of Moderna or Pfizer or one of Johnson and Johnson are given a different vaccine as a booster and it did appear that the data suggest that it was safe and it led to very good results in terms of efficacy,” said  Swann.

She says this could come into play in several situations.

“At the pharmacy, provider doesn’t have the vaccine that you need it it’s OK to take one of the other vaccines according to the data. If a team is going into a nursing home and vaccinate people who might not have been there last time around they may be primarily bringing one or maybe two types of vaccine and somebody could be there who’s had a different type,” said  Swann.

She says they will continue to study the results of mixing and matching different COVID vaccines.

“We are going to have a little bit more information as the AC IP and Center for disease control and prevention me which should be upcoming so that might give us a little bit more information but we are still learning things every day about this virus about what’s really best and I can’t say that vaccines are highly safe and highly effective,” said  Swann.

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