Potentially Deadly Virus for Babies Reaches Epedemic Level In Tennessee

        To adults it can seem like a common cold, but to a baby, Pediatrician Dr. Matthew Good said RSV can be much worse."
        "The reason RSV has a bad name, it’s a simple cold virus but it has more of a predilection to jump down into the lungs and cause breathing difficulties, especially in young infants," said Dr. Good.
        Dr. Good with Highland Pediatrics says this is the time of year he sees a lot of patients with RSV, and many of them have to be hospitalized.
        That became a scary reality for Corey and Cynthia Carter last month when their 6-month old Arianna caught the virus.
        "It felt like she couldn’t breathe she started throwing up every time she ate and when we took her to the pediatrician they had to call the ambulance," Carter said.
        Arianna was premature, which Dr. Good says puts her at a higher risk to have complications.
        Most babies get over it on their own, but it’s important to know when to seek medical help.
        "If they start having feeding difficulties to the point youre worried about them getting dehydrated. The other thing is respiratory difficulty, what we’re talking about is scary breathing, and that’s where the child is working to breath, their stomach is moving up and down their nose is flaring, and that’s when you should be concerned that perhaps something needs to be done about it," said Dr. Good.
     Doctors say the best way to prevent RSV is to wash your hands often and try to keep your baby away from people that might be sick.
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