‘Power to Protect’ Chattanooga’s microgrid energy plan

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)- A year after the Easter Chattanooga tornadoes The City of Chattanooga and EPB are teaming up to provide additional energy protection.

Chattanooga fire and police chiefs were pitched an idea on a microgrid power project.

Are use the word microgrid, add that to the list of words they didn’t know what that meant,” said Chattanooga Police Chief David Roddy

When Mayor Burke came to us with this proposal I don’t know a whole lot about microgrids either. It was something new to me,” said Chattanooga Fire Chief Phil Hyman.

Mayor Burke said the microgrid project will allow the site to stay powered for several days even if there is a tornado or other storm knocks out the city’s power. It will cost the city $1.1 million and EPB $700,000.

“It’s going to help us to make sure that even if other things go down, even if electricity is out in other parts of the city at this campus stays up and running, that we can continue to communicate with the people who work for us and get them to a place where they can help people who are in danger,” said Burke.

Once the police and fire chiefs found out what it was, however, they said they were immediately huge supporters of it.

“For us or light stay on, our radios still work, we can still talk to one another. From the Chattanooga police department to understand that anything that reduces gaps in our communication, reduces gaps in breaks in our ability to respond makes it a safer community every single day of the year,” said Roddy.

“Particularly with the number of natural disasters that we’ve had in this region over the last year, this helps better prepare us and makes us more resilient to provide service to our community,” said Hyman.

The panels will actually be placed on the roof for phase 1 and phase 2 they hope to be able to put more panels in the back parking lot.

The project is expected to start on April 28th and will be completed by October 30th.

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