Preliminary Hearing for Teenagers Charged with Murder

A car crash, guns firing, and bystanders struck down were just a few of the bloody moments recapped in the preliminary hearing for Javonte Davis and Gary Toney.

The teenagers are charged with first degree murder and many other charges for the events of April 11th, including firing a gun at Chattanooga Police Investigator Lucas Fuller.

"There were shots fired from the drivers side," Investigator Lucas said, gesturing his hands to describe the incident to the judge. He stood five feet from the suspects in court. "Then the passenger came out of the passenger window. It looked like he sat on the actual window break and he started unloading."

Judge Clarence Shattuck said the description of the shooting scene on Milne Avenue reminded him of something from a cowboy movie.

After hearing the evidence, Shattuck decided the case will go before the Hamilton County grand jury.

"What we had this morning was a preliminary hearing," said defense attorney John Wysong. "It was bound over on probable cause. It will now go upstairs to grand jury. Grand jury will take a look at it and determine whether or not they will return an indictment. If an indictment is returned then the case will go to criminal court and we will continue to pursue a defense upstairs."

Davis is 17 years old and was out on bond for a previous murder.

He is charged with murdering Robert Rutledge on April 11th.

He will be tried as an adult.

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