Premiere Week: CBS’s New Thursday Lineup

NEW YORK (CBS) – Longtime Thursday night anchor The Big Bang Theory has finally left the airwaves.  So CBS is rebuilding, beginning tonight. Two proven sitcoms return, coupled with new shows boasting proven stars. And they cap the night off with a new drama.

8:00   Young Sheldon

Young Sheldon returns for a third season inheriting many of the writers from the Big Bang Theory.  The Premiere tonight poses whether Sheldon is heading for a mental breakdown.


8:30  The Unicorn

Walter Goggins has been known to steal some series (The Shield, Justified) with his folksy, tough guy characters. Then he did it in comedies with big time co-stars (Vice Principals & The Righteous Gemstones). Now he gets a series of his own in Prime Time.

He plays the center in a group of friends who are trying to coach him through the dating life a year after losing his wife.


9:00  Mom

The 7th season for Mom will be all about adjustments. Tonight, we see Bonnies’s adjustment to married life in a season long question of whether she can really commit.  Later in the season, we’ll meet Christy’s new boss, who requires a whole different set of adjustments.


9:30  Carol’s Second Act

Patricia Heaton earned her audience with Everybody Loves Raymond (young mother) and The Middle (older mother).  Now she returns with a new character. Carol is 50 years old when she decides to become a doctor, after the kids have grown up.


10:00  Evil

The new drama Evil is a complete from the comedies.  Evil is a psychological mystery from the executive producers of The Good Wife and The Good Fight.  In the pilot, Forensic psychologist Kristen Bouchard is hired by the Catholic Church to work with a priest-in-training, and contractor, to determine whether a serial killer is possessed by a demon or merely a psychopath.


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