Premiere Week: new seasons begin tonight for NCIS, FBI franchises

NEW YORK (WDEF) – Premiere week continues on Tuesday when three dramas return for new seasons.

8PM: NCIS Season 17

Ziva is back for the first two episodes this season.. though she is somewhat distant from Gibbs to begin with.  But we’ll find out what she’s been doing since she faked her death.


9PM: FBI Season 2

OA (character) investigates a bombing at a restaurant in his old neighborhood. Is it a terrorist attack or something else.  The show will also add a new character later this year, Special Agent in Charge Isobel Castille from FBI: Most Wanted.


10PM: NCIS New Orleans

We saw Pride’s mother in an hallucination at the end of last season, but now she’s back in the flesh for the season premiere. It begins a season long plot of Pride finding out about his mother.


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