President Obama and VP Joe Biden Visit Knoxville Promising Free Community College Across The US

KNOXVILLE, TN, (WDEF)-President Barack Obama,"I am announcing an ambitious new plan to bring down the cost of  community college tuition in America I want to bring it down to zero">

President Obama was joined by VP Joe Biden and his wife Professor Jill Biden in Knoxville who all spoke passionately about the role college education can play in bringing America back.

President Barack Obama,"Community Colleges should be free for those willing to work for it because quality education can not be a privilege that is reserved for a few."

The President also praised Senator’s Corker and Alexander as well as Governor Haslam for their efforts in putting the Tennessee Promise into action.

He said he will create a national version of the Tennessee Promise called America’s College Promise and believes college tuition will drop within 4 years.

Academics and political figures praised the move.

Pellississippi State Professor Donn King,"It’s kind of cool to think Tennessee as a leader, as I was growing up Tennessee was kind of down at the bottom as far as education so to see those efforts pay off is just really to be at this point in History."

"So rough so long you forget you forget when there was a time when Republicans and Democrats got together to solve problems not just to have soundbites and create issues, I think it was a wonderful day for America and a wonderful day for Tennessee," says Terry Adams a former candidate for the US Senate.

Some college students also got to meet the commander and chief.

Chelsey Davis, Pellississippi State Science Student,"Very friendly, very personable, very charismatic, we talked about basketball, apparently he’s really good, he’s a point, so he wanted to play basketball, So I said I have a mean three."

The President also introduced the American Technical Training Fund to expand high-quality technical training programs similar to Tennessee Tech Centers in the coming years.

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