Presidential candidates in Chattanooga

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Democratic primary contender Mike Bloomberg lured in a crowd as he stopped in Chattanooga on Wednesday.

Hamilton County Democratic Chair Khristy Wilkinson explained that while she would love more candidates to stop by, it might be the only Presidential race action we’ll see locally this year.

“I don’t think that many candidates have the kind of financial means that Mike Bloomberg has for self-funding a campaign and paying organizers in multiple cities across Tennessee and traveling here. It costs a lot of money,” Wilkinson said.

She said the visit was unprecedented, but similar to Bernie Sanders opening a field office last presidential election.

Wilkinson said he was the first Democratic presidential candidate to open a field office in Chattanooga during the primaries in a really long time.

“That was sort of unprecedented that he had paid staff here. Exciting and here we are four years later with a number of actually democratic candidates in the field with paid staff here on the ground. Warren’s campaign has paid staff. Bloomberg’s campaign has paid staff,” she said.

Bloomberg’s visit is not the first time Primary candidates have visited the Scenic City.

Chattanooga did welcome some in the last election.

“Marco Rubio passed through Chattanooga,” political strategist and podcast host Weston Wamp said.

“If I’m not mistaking Ted Cruz might have come here as well. Several candidates in that big Republican Primary which in a lot of ways is similar to this Democratic Primary.”

When it comes to the general election, Wamp said we don’t see presidential candidates, because for at least 20 years Tennessee has not been a state up for grabs.

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