Preventing yourself from being robbed

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Police say there are ways to protect yourself so you don’t become a victim of a robbery.

Kristen Smith enjoys spending part of her afternoon on the Riverwalk.

“Usually I walk the path everyday during lunch sometime between 11 and one during the day time,” Smith said.

She doesn’t go on the path when it’s dark.

“I think it is more safer to walk during the day because there are more people out and you can usually tell if they are down here just to walk or get some exercise or if they are down here for another reason,” Smith said.

On Tuesday night a man and woman were running on the path when a man approached them with a gun and demanded their belongings.

Chattanooga police say two similar cases happened shortly before, one at City Green Apartments and the other on Minor Street. Police believe the same three suspects were involved in these robberies.

“It is a crime of opportunity, obviously they were looking for people in a good scenario. It just so happened these people were in areas that were secluded and there wasn’t anybody else around,” Sergeant Scott Bales said.

Sergeant Bales says it’s important to be aware of your surroundings.

“Know what is around you, if there is any suspicious vehicles pulling up.”

If you find yourself in a dangerous situation, he says stay calm.

“Criminals seems to look for the ones that are in fear, because they are more of an easy target. Somebody that they can control and get what they want and get out,” Sergeant Bales said.

In the three robberies on Tuesday, the victims complied.

“It is better to turn over property than to risk injury of some sort. So just give them the demands that they have,” Sergeant Bales said.

Sergeant Bales says like in this case, sometimes when a person commits a crime, they do it one after the other.

“Just not uncommon that once they get out there and they have already done that they are going to try to do another one if they didn’t get anything that they wanted.”

As for Smith, she is surprised a robbery would happen on the Riverwalk. She’ll stick to her afternoon routine.

“I definitely won’t be walking here at night.”

If you have any information about the robberies, you are asked to call CPD at 423-698-2525.

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