Princess and Superhero tea party

OOLTEWAH, Tennessee (WDEF)- Kids were able to meet princesses and superheroes today in Cambridge square. A special tea party at wine down kicked off the activities.

To see so many members of the community grow close that’s my favorite part about it.

I’ve been doing this for years and it never gets old seeing kids get really excited like meeting their idol kind of.

Parents say it was incredible to see their kids’ eyes light up when they see the people they see on TV come to life.

Been very emotional. My daughter loves Princesses so, this is been a very exciting day for us for her to see all the princesses. She’s been begging for a party.

So many great kids that love to see all these other princesses and superheroes. I love to get to meet them.

They just light up and it makes their whole day and parents say they just always talk about it for months.

And it’s a lot cheaper than a trip to Disney World.
I’ve had a smile on my face since they made the grand entrance it has been amazing I told a lot of the parents it’s much cheaper than a Disney package right?

I love that she also wants to go to Disney so this is great.

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