Principals discuss school building plan

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) — Principals are reacting to changes that are coming to several schools in Hamilton County, after a building plan was approved by the school board Thursday night.

CSLA has been in need of a new building. Now students, parents and teachers know the plan.

“After years and years of dreaming, and pushing and raising awareness for a kindergarten through 12th grade school for CSLA, we were thrilled to hear that that will be a reality, obviously there was some disappointment in that won’t happen on this beautiful piece of property here at CSLA, but we are thrilled that the county is going to continue our program,” said Krystal Scarbrough, CSLA principal.

On Thursday, the school board approved a building plan that would move CSLA into a renovated Tyner Middle. Tyner Middle and Tyner High would then be consolidated, and that building would be renovated. The CSLA principal says it is the people and program that make it what it is.

“Whether we are here or across the street from our neighbors at Tyner, we are going to continue to follow our program and providing the excellence of education that we are known for,” Scarbrough said.

At Tyner Middle Academy, Principal Crystal Sorrells is optimist about the possibilities.

“I think this is a wonderful opportunity, not only for the Tyner Middle and Tyner High communities but also for the CSLA community, this opens up doors for us to collaborate a lot more,” Sorrells said.

She says parents shouldn’t worry about the changes.

“We will do anything that we can to make sure that they are protected just as they are now and of course we are doing what is right and best for all students, high school students, middle school students, Tyner students, CSLA students, that is always the common goal. Nothing is going to be done that is not in everyone’s best interest,” Sorrells said.

The projects are slated to start in December.

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