Pro Choice group targets Sen. Bob Corker in Zika ad

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WDEF) – NARAL Pro-Choice America is releasing a campaign ad targeting Tennessee Senator Bob Corker on public health issues.

The group is running the ads as Congress returns to Washington after their summer holiday.

The ad attacks Senator Corker for not funding women’s health clinics or allowing women with the Zika virus to to get an abortion.

It precedes a funding debate for federal agencies.

“Senator Corker is putting the interests of extreme right-wing groups ahead of the women of Tennessee,” said Sasha Bruce, Senior Vice President for Campaigns and Strategy at NARAL. “Corker’s actions are putting women and families in Tennessee at much greater risk. Women deserve a full range of health care options, including abortion, not options limited by Senator Corker’s extreme and out-of-touch political beliefs. This is true always, but especially during a public health crisis. Senator Corker should stop playing politics and do the right thing for the women and families of Tennessee.”

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