Proper precautions need to be taken before and after thunderstorms

Lightning is one of the most frequent weather related threats to personal safety during thunderstorms.
Representatives with Hamilton County Emergency Services want to remind folks that measures need to be taken before and during any storm. Scenes like the one in Bradley county Wednesday evening can happen on any property at any time after a storm. Its the unpredictable nature of lightning that makes it so dangerous. Tony Reavley, Hamilton County Emergency Services Director said, "I think the reason we are seeing a lot more houses being struck by lightning is because areas that used to be wooded areas are now becoming sub divisions, so we are exposing a lot more stuff to the lightning."

Troy Maney with the Bradley County Fire Rescue says that proper precautions inside the home on Winding Glen Drive Wednesday evening were taken. Troy Maney, Bradley County Fire Rescue Chief said, "The family did excellent." With an average of 58 fatalities per year due to lightning, safety measures inside and outside the home need to be taken. Reavley said, "Storms can pop up without much notice. Lightning can occur just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean that it can’t occur. It can occur several miles out from a storm." Reavley says folks need to pay attention. Reavley said, "We want to take the proper precautions. Stay away from hilltops. From under trees. Chain linked fences. Especially those you see around recreation areas." Reavley added to stay away from pipes, using your plumbing, water, taking showers and baths. Reavley said, "If you are at home maybe unplugging some appliances. Especially those that are computers that seem to be electrically sensitive."

One common misconception about lightning includes the term "heat lightning." Everyone needs to be aware that the flash they see is a distant thunderstorm that could be moving in your direction.

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