Protecting yourself against Cyber Monday scams and beyond

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)-“Even like recently my own wife she got scammed accidentally because she was trying to do something off eBay”

Anyone can be scammed in they are not vigilant about checking links and making sure the offer is real. Even the spouse of cybersecurity consultant and Juris investigations CEO Andrew Sternke.

“She was trying to order a Lego set for my son out of England and unfortunately it was a scam and she fell for sale,” said Sternke.

To prevent falling victim to scams, he warns that things that make life easier also make it easier for scammers.

“Do not save your credit card information on your computer. I know it’s super easy to do it just say not a very safe practice,” said Sternke.

“Make sure you do your security updates on your phone a lot of times update request on your phone, and we just don’t do it because it takes too much time but make sure they’re done because those are specifically set to the various malware that’s out there,” said Sternke.

The threat goes beyond just Cyber-Monday. Scammers will also send phishing emails about delivery delays

“They’ll say hey there’s issues to do with delivery of your order please click on this link. Well a lot of times people just click on it and think oh it’s something that I ordered on Cyber-Monday but it’s actually a phishing link and you just download malware on your computer,” said Sternke.

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