Protesters flood city council wanting justice

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Dozens of protestors flooded the Chattanooga city council meeting tonight, wanting justice for Charles Toney.

This comes after a viral video shows a Hamilton County Sheriff Deputy punching and kicking Toney after serving warrants.

It was an ordinary city council meeting until the lights went up, inviting the public to speak.

Protesters wanting answers after a viral video shows a Hamilton County deputy beating an arrestee.

The yelling escalated until council members decided to adjourn without hearing any statements from the crowd.

“I feel disrespected,” Christopher Torregano said. “I feel like they didn’t give a care. I’m going to watch my mouth because I know we’re on the news. But I feel utterly disrespected because if you’re going to hear the voices of the people, you have to care enough to stick around and listen.”

“The main reason that most of the people were in here today was for the situation that we ended up not getting answers for,” Allen DeBerry said.

Three extra police officers were called to the council room in effort to keep the peace — as protesters chanted “No justice, no peace.”

“It’s hard to work with you when you’re screaming at me,” Councilman Anthony Byrd said. “But I understand their screams. The screams of frustration and pain. I get it. I understand tremendously because enough is enough. But in order for us to work together, we’re going to have to sit down and unite the table to work together to come up with a solution to fix this.”

The demonstrators had demands, including an independent community oversight committee for police.

“We would’ve just laid our emotions out there and just tell them like, this is what happened. What are we going to do to change this? And what reforms can we make and how are we going to make them?” Dewun Harper said. “Like, that’s what we really came here for. Yeah, we came here to protest but we’re trying to get answers to our questions.”

The deputy in the video does work for Hamilton County, not the Chattanooga Police. However, the leader of the group Marie Mott says she wants reforms across the board in the area and plans on being at the county commission tomorrow morning.

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