Psychologists: Social distancing, not social disconnecting

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — In this rapidly changing time of uncertainty, it’s important to make sure you’re staying healthy, mentally as well as physically.

Psychologists say its important to keep spirits light, especially with children. Also, make sure you’re gathering information from only a couple trusted sites so you’re not constantly overwhelmed with information.

“It’s okay to listen to your emotions, but then what we want to do is something other than just react to them,” said licensed psycholgist David Quagliana, Ph.D. “I would tell people that physical activity of some sort would be helpful.”

“This idea of social distancing does not mean that we are socially disconnected,” Lee University psychology professor Heather Lewis Quagliana, Ph.D. said. “It is important to still maintain emotional connection even though we don’t have physical closeness at this point.”

The Quaglianas are continuing to host webinars to help guide people through these uncertain times.

Dr. David Quagliana will be hosting a series of four weekly hour long sessions focusing on how pastors can help support their congregations — the first of which is linked here.

Dr. Heather Lewis Quagliana is focusing on how this is affecting children. She hosted a similar webinar with ideas as to how to keep kids mentally healthy.

This handout provides information to supplement the video:

The 5 Fs Revised

For more detailed information on staying mentally healthy during this time, see the Quaglianas’ handout below:

Mental Health and COVID-19 from LUCC

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