Public Asks HCDE For Approval For New CSLA Building

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- CSLA has been around for 24 years now, and since they’ve opened the building has been condemned.

So this afternoon, dozens of teachers and parents stopped by the Hamilton County School Board meeting to show their support for an expansion.

“A new CSLA,  goes without saying. It’s an old building,  we’d probably be able to add a K-12 school,  anywhere from 1,200 to 1,600 students, depending on what  you know, the board chose to do there.”

Parents and faculty of CSLA are asking Hamilton County School Board members to approve a million dollar project, to repare the old building and expand the current program from K through 8 to K through 12.

“Wouldn’t that be a great opportunity for our students in Chattanooga to have access to, you know, a really quality–top quality school? Maybe alleviate some problems in other schools as well. To have that many students able to come to K through 12 school? *Crowd Claps*

And while, some board members support the proposal, others don’t necessarily think it’s a good idea.

Rhonda Thurman, District 1 School Board Representative stated, “Just because a lot of parents show up at a meeting or something, I’m not swayed by that.”

“We have a lot of–a lot of needs in the school system, and building a new CSLA will not alleviate any of the overcrowding problems that we have, ” said Thurman

Sarah Quattrochi a  CSLA parent says, “All of the parents realize that um there are lots of needs in our community um at lots of different schools. And we all recognize that that is one of the hard things that our um school board members and county commissioners have to deal with um but we really feel like um it is time to um expand the opportunities for more children to be able to attend CSLA.”

Kara Berry Hill who is a CSLA Kindergarten Teacher stated, “We love our kids, the kids love their teachers and they’re not just students, you know, that were picked in the lottery to be there. They’re our babies, and we–if we’re not providing the best education, I mean what are we there for?”

For the project to ever become possible, Hamilton County Board members must first approve the proposal with a vote.

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