Pursuit of Happiness spends night in Tent City to aid the homeless


President and CEO of the Pursuit of Happiness Michael Gordon and Board Member Troy Rodgers braved the freezing temperatures last night and spent the night in tent city.

“The freezing temperature. Not knowing where you’re going to use the restroom. Not being able to charge your phone. Sleeping on that hard concrete, the sounds, the security issues! There are so many issues going on at the homeless, in Tent City,” said Gordon.

“A lot of time people talk about what they wanna do and we did it. We give God the praise because I’m only a paycheck away from being out here. I want to stay humble,” said Rodgers.

They did this for several reasons, one of which was to bring awareness to untreated mental illness.

“We’re just trying to figure out what were the leading drivers that drove these humans to homelessness. Some of the people we talk to talk about job loss. Some of them talked about addiction. Some talked about going through trauma. We learned a lot about our homeless individuals out here today,” said Gordon.

“Just being able to come out and give back. This is our legacy what we put out here is legacy this is how we serve, we’re here to serve.”

They also gained experience firsthand about what the homeless community goes through on a nightly basis so they can better aid the community. They interacted with homeless people such as Emmanuel Lane.

“I look at it as something that’s bringing people together because we’re here for each other it’s more of a situation when you actually start realizing OK it’s not just about me or I can just do this by myself I need other people. In my life,” said Lane.

Lane said organizations like Pursuit of Happiness provide not only help but hope.

“Having other people around to go through this experience with you is actually great because we’re in this together no matter what we’re in the same boat. Even when I get situated in life I’m gonna come back here so I can help and do what you guys are doing because that’s the mission of being down here and learning myself,” said Lane.

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