Questions Raised Over President Obama’s Free Community College Plan Similar To The Tennessee Promise

CHATTANOOGA,TN, (WDEF)- It’s been nearly two weeks since President Obama and VP Joe Biden unveiled their ambitious plans  to bring free community college to all Americans.

Questions are still being raised by legislators as to how this program will be funded.
     The Tennessee Promise which is the inspiration for Obama’s national plan will use state lottery funds.

Congressman Scott DesJarlais has welcomed the Tennessee Promise but believes what will work in the volunteer state may not work at a national level.

Scott DesJarlais,R-TN 4th District,"The President wanting to come in and take this idea to other states and put it on the back of taxpayers when we have an 18 trillion debt is not a good idea and not well thought out."

One student returning to education after taking a year out, feels community college suits Tennessee’s STEM employment needs.

Lucas Taliaferro, Chatt State Student,"For example in Chattanooga we have Volkswagen, Wacker that need students to go a community college and learn something specific for that job but I don’t think the whole nation is ready for that quiet yet."

Chatt state officials say more than 3000 students have already enrolled through Tennessee Promise to attend their college.

Debbie Adams, VP Student Affairs, Chattanooga State, "We have worked hard in Tennessee to  develop transfer pathways so student’s credits will transfer on to university if they chose to go but anytime you can start or minimize the student debt it’s a win win for everyone."

90% of  high-schoolers in the volunteer state have already signed up for Tennessee Promise.

Congressman DesJarlais added "that nothing is free with the federal government" and he expects an increase in taxes.

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