Questions Surround NC Trooper-Involved Shooting

North Carolina troopers remain tight lipped with details about the man they say charged Trooper H.S. Robertson, resulting in an officer involved shooting.

The suspect reportedly parked and started a bonfire here on Highway 64 West.

His name hasn’t been released, but State Trooper PIO Sgt. Jeff Gordon says he charged Trooper Robertson aggressively… And that’s when the trooper shot the suspect.

In a phone interview, Gordon said: "All in all with everything that occurred this morning, we’re thankful that the trooper is not injured and more importantly that the suspect will eventually brought back to NC sometime in the future."

Sgt. Gordon says the case is currently under investigation and no one is really sure what led to the man to park his truck on the side of the road and starting a bonfire.

Eyewitness Lindsey Chastain lives within view of the house and says she watched from her yard with binoculars as emergency vehicles filled the highway.

"I saw some blood on the road and then of course the fire that started smoldering. For some reason they didn’t want to touch the truck that was here," Chastain says.

Chastain says her husband called her after seeing what he said was a middle-aged man on the side of the road in front of a fire.

Reporter: "And while the fire continues to smolder area residents say they burn with the desire to find out just what exactly went on so close to home."

Chastain says "This is a very close knit, quiet community. Nothing much ever goes on. You hear a jake break once in awhile that’s all you hear around here. This is the biggest thing that’s happened since I’ve lived up here and I’ve been here for awhile."

In Cherokee County, NC, Brittany Shaw, WDEF NEWS 12.

Sgt. Gordon says he is unsure of the suspect’s condition… And doesn’t know if alcohol or drugs were involved.

We’ll keep you posted as details unfold.

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