Quick arrests in vandalism of Christian Heritage School in Dalton

Dalton authorities are wrapping their investigation into burglary and vandalism at Christian Heritage School.
Four suspects are now in custody.

Smoke alarms were activated inside when the suspects sprayed fire extinguishers.
Officers say they also stole property and did other damage.

Around 3:30 Monday morning, smoke alarms went off at the Christian Heritage School on MLK boulevard in Dalton.
That triggered Dalton Fire department to respond but, once they got there…

“Firefighters pretty quickly determine there was no fire that it was a vandalism incident. So, they called our officers to investigate,” quotes Dalton Police Spokesperson Bruce Frazier.

The vandals had sprayed fire extinguisher foam, up and down its hallways.

“They were able to find some footprints in the fire extinguishers material that didn’t belong to any of the firefighters. They were able to follow those out to the back of the building. They were able to find a trail through the wood line.”

The vandals left a trail of footprints in the grass while leaving the scene, making it much easier for police to track them down.

Frazier says the suspects stole basketball jerseys and sweatpants from the gym.
And even food from the concession stand area.
By following the footprints through the woods…

“Officers were able to find four suspects inside the apartment who were hiding in the closet together.”

20-year old Lakwon Fleming, 20-year old Bryson Gallman, 18-year old Kaylub Kuhn and 17-year old Joshua Brower are now in custody at Whitfield County Jail.
All four are charged with felony criminal trespass, burglary, damage to property, possession of tools and loitering.
Fleming’s additional charges are probation violation and possession of drugs.
Kuhn and Brower also face false statement charges.

The 17-year old may be charged as an adult, because of a statute in Georgia state law.

Also, alcohol may be a factor, according to police.
Items stolen have been recovered and returned back to the school.

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