Rabid Raccoon Warning in GA

Murray Co., GA (WDEF) – There is a rabid raccoon within the vicinity of Central Hill Drive in Chatsworth, Georgia, says officials at the Murray County Environmental Health (MCEH).

Because rabies can be apparent through various signs of abnormal behavior, it was decided the raccoon would be tested, with a alert yielding a positive result.

Health officials continue to stress the importance of maintaining current rabies vaccinations in pets. Additionally, residents should be wary of unfamiliar animals; and, parents should take special care to inform their children about rabies, telling children to avoid stray dogs and cats, as well as wild animals, and to report any such contacts or bites at once.

Raccoons are the most common animal found with rabies in Georgia, but many other species can contract rabies such as skunks, foxes, bobcats, coyotes and bats. Livestock can also contract rabies from wild animals and it is strongly recommended that livestock that have regular contact with humans also be vaccinated.

Suspicious animals that appear aggressive or sick should be immediately reported to MCEH at 706-517-1400.

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