Racial comment leads to removal of Whitwell High SRO

WHITWELL, Tenn. (WDEF) – Marion County officials permanently remove a School Resource Officer from Whitwell High School after he’s accused of making a racial comment.

It stems from a remark made during an after school “survival guide” club.

SRO Deputy Anthony Gamble was quoted as saying to a black student who asked what club members were doing with a dead raccoon, “they’re skinning your brother.”

Gamble admitted to Marion County Sheriff Bo Burnett he made the comment in a joking manner but it still may cost him his job.

Marion County Director of Schools Dr. Mark Griffith said, “He is permanently removed from the SRO program so he won’t be part of the school system, the school resource officer program in the future. Now the fate of his employment lies with the Sheriff’s Department. And the sheriff is going to do an internal investigation and make that determination at that time and I think he’s going to speak with the student’s family regarding that.”

Griffith also spoke with the student’s mother to tell her action had been taken.

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