Racial unity worship rally

EAST RIDGE, Tenn. (WDEF) – In an open area of Camp Jordan, folks gathered outside Friday night with their chairs and in their cars.

They were there for an event that was organized by several folks including a group of about 50 pastors from local churches.

“This is the church of Chattanooga, not black, not white, not Democrat, not Republican. This is the body of Christ, and we’re petitioning heaven tonight,” Mt. Canaan Baptist church pastor Dr. Ternae T. Jordan, Sr. said.

It was a night of worship that’s bringing everyone together.

“The church coming together is really a billboard for the kingdom of God and we stand united, we believe that there is so much diversity in the kingdom. We embrace that. God embraces that and really we want to be a display of hope for our city,” City Church Chattanooga Lead Pastor Shannon Chapman said.

“We as the church. We are not right. We are not left but we’re center. Jesus is the center of our lives the center of our joys and I think if we focus on him then our political differences go away,” Pastor Jordan said.

The music came from a collective group of local worship leaders and musicians from churches called the Union Chattanooga .

“I think this is what the world needs right now. Everything is so decisive and just so much hate in the world right now, and the church is coming together, right here, right now to say that we are unified. We are in this together, regardless if you’re black or white or regardless of your political affiliation. This is what we need,” worship leader Makayla McKibben said.

There was also prayer and ministry booths set up urging people to take action moving forward.

“Our objective beyond this, there are ministries in our town that we want folks to get involved in and we believe working together will tear down those walls,” Pastor Jordan said.

This is the second event of racial unity that has been held.

The first was held over the summer.

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