Rain causes flooding on some Hamilton County roads

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) — Recent rain caused flooding on some roads in the Tennessee Valley.

On Friday, ducks enjoyed their time in what is usually a field. Lisa Durham lives near a park on Brannon Avenue. She says flooding is a problem here when it rains.

“This is usually what happens every time. It is sad,” Durham said.

Durham says this time it is worse.

“Usually not this bad to where it is going across the road. I think that has happened about four times since I have lived here for thirteen years. But this park always gets flooded,” Durham said.

Brannon Avenue was not the only road that had to be closed. There were several other roads in Hamilton County that were shutdown, including parts of Camp Jordan Parkway and Davidson Road. A permanent sign on Davidson Road indicates the area may flood.

Emergency personnel are urging drivers to listen to the signs.

“We can’t emphasize it enough, we talk about it everytime we have flooding situations of the turn around and don’t drown and there is a lot of emphasis to that. FEMA reports that flooding is the most severe weather related death in the United States and people don’t realize that most of these flooding accidents occur within a vehicle,” said Amy Maxwell, with the Hamilton County Office of Emergency Management.

Even if a road has not been closed off yet, but is flooded, Maxwell says you should not drive through it.

“If you can not see a road at all then I advise you, it is just easy enough to turn around and find an easier route it might take two or three minutes out of your time,” Maxwell said.

Durham has flood insurance, but she hopes something changes.

“That they fix the drainage problem, honestly because this is not good,” Durham said.

If you want to find out if you live in a flood zone, click here.


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