Rain, ice and snow on Interstate 24

MONTEAGLE, Tennessee(WDEF) – Traveling through Tennessee on Monday has been anything but a vacation for some motorist.

WDEF talked to several motorist at a rest area along I-24 in Grundy County. Judging by the amount of snow on cars that drove through Nashville, there was obviously issues on the road.

"Nashville had a good eight inches of slush everywhere on the road. Switching lanes was nearly impossible for most drivers. I just stayed clear of everyone else and kept going," said Nicole Tarcsay of Wisconsin. She was headed to Florida.

Travelers also talked about the number of crashes they saw between Nashville and Grundy County.

"There was a bunch of cars in a ditch. State Trooper in the middle of the median. A bunch of guard rails knocked out," said Larry Quist of Wisconsin. He was also headed to Florida.

"Most of them were just people who slid off the to the side. They went through some slush and didn’t make it back onto the road," said Tarscay.

Monteagle was spared the snow but not the freezing rain; which is why workers at one rest area were preparing for the rain to to turn to ice.

"We’re trying to get some salt out to try to secure the walkways," said Quentin Partin.

TDOT trucks spent most of the day dumping salt onto the interstate; the goal was to prevent ice from forming on the roadway as temperatures drop over night.

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