Rain impacting trees in the Tennessee Valley

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) — Due to the amount of rain in the area, it can cause problems for the soil and the stability of some trees.

Crews with Tree Worx were hard at work on Friday. They were in Harrison for a preventative job. Before getting started, they first evaluated trees that might be a danger to the home.

“So we decided to take out four trees. There are a few more that we are going to trim, just over the structures,” said Hannes de Wet, the owner of Tree Worx.

He says all this rain we’ve had affects trees.

“The benefit is it is watering the trees so they grow, the downside is sometimes the roots can get water logged, trees that are unhealthy or leaning or don’t have a healthy root structure can lift up and tip over,” de Wet said.

There are ways homeowners can get ahead of the problem.

“We will recommend often times in the spring and in the fall and mulching around trees to protect their root system from erosion or cold weather, compaction,” de Wet said.

Crews can sometimes be put in scary situations. Earlier this week a tree service worker was killed in Dunlap when a tree buckled and hit him.

“The sad fact of it is. Is it is a very dangerous career. We work in situations that often times are unpredictable,” de Wet said.

Employees at Tree Worx go through safety classes and they is new equipment that helps workers stay away from danger.

“So one of the pieces that we have invested in recently in, we call it the tree rex. It is a remote control crane with a grapple saw at the end. So you can be away from the tree, you don’t have to have a man in the tree climbing it and it will make small cuts and bring it to the ground safely for you,” de Wet said.

He stresses the importance if Identifying trees that might be a danger, before its too late.

“This is a home owner getting ready for the summer storms and making sure they are ahead of it, so they can sleep well at night,” he said.

Experts recommend people do their homework before hiring a tree service company. They say it’s import for the business to be licensed and insured.

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