Rallies taking place in North Georgia supporting and opposing abortion

GEORGIA (WDEF)- In Ringgold, dozens showed up, outside the Catoosa County Courthouse building, to praise Roe vs Wade Being overturned by the Supreme Court.

“We’re still waiting for the Attorney General to act here in Georgia, to enforce the heartbeat bill. It has not been enforced for the last, almost, 4 years. But we’re asking Republicans to actually put something in stronger, which actually goes to the heart of the issue. Actually, protect the pre-born from the moment of conception because we believe every life should be protected,” said Nathaniel Darnell, NFRA National Director for GA.

They also are calling on Georgia politicians to make abortions illegal.

“We’ll call on Governor, Brian Kemp, other legislators to pass a statute that will make abortions banned in Georgia,” said Darnell.

Down the road in Dalton, we’re asking Georgia politicians to keep abortions legal and safe.

“It’s not an anti-democrat issue I think we’ll see a lot of Republicans that support some degree of abortion rights and the Supreme Court and legislation is, are passing laws that are against, not in sync with the majority of Americans’ opinions,” said Debby Peppers.

She says she is surprised Roe vs Wade was overturned but thinks she shouldn’t be surprised by anything anymore.

“They said that they supported the precedent that they understood Roe was president and they supported that and then they turned around and flipped. These days maybe I shouldn’t be surprised by people who do whatever they need to do to get the position because unfortunately, I’ve seen that too much,” said Peppers.

Those who were pro-life say abortions are murder.

“We’re not trying to spy on people in their bedrooms are some of the ridiculous statements some people have made but we do believe murder is murder. Even if you have due process of law at the end of the day there should be businesses publishing, and promoting for the shingles on the public walkway that they are providing murder for babies,” said Darnell.

“That is a religious opinion. That is not a medical opinion, that’s not a scientific opinion. It’s a religious opinion. For example, if you look at the Jewish religion they do not believe that a person is a person until they’re actually born. That’s one of the real objections I have every supporter that I hear talking about, against abortion inciting some sort of religion basis and I have wrong with that because I’ve always been a strong supporter of the separation of church and state,” said Peppers.

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