Ramblers Guard Jaylon Ramsey Keeps’em Laughing and Winning at LaFayette

LaFayette, GA-(WDEF-TV) The LaFayette basketball team tips in the Elite Eight Tuesday night. The Ramblers have the size this year to match-up well in the state tournament, but one of their best players is their under-sized point guard, Jaylon Ramsey.

Jaylon Ramsey is so quick with the ball that many opponents don’t want to be a gambler against this Rambler.
Said head coach Hank Peppers:”I see a lot teams that live by the press, and they press everybody. Then when they play us, they’re not pressing. Jaylon Ramsey is a big reason why.”
Reporter:”Do you find guards maybe grab your jersey?”
Said Ramsey:”I’ve had some guards do that, but it still didn’t work.” (laughs)
Maybe it doesn’t work because Ramsey also plays quarterback for the Ramblers, so he’s used to a jersey grab.
Reporter:”How do you play quarterback give your size?”
Said Ramsey:”It’s hard because it’s hard to look over the line to see where I’m throwing it. Mostly we do a lot of read option stuff, so that helps a lot.”
Peppers:”He almost gets double the experience. So he’s a sophomore by grade, but the experience he has between basketball and football and some of the intangibles, I mean he’s well beyond his years.”
Ramsey averages almost ten points a game with over seven assists and two steals per contest. And he routinely guards the best player on the other team.
Said Peppers:”Just the other night against McDonough, they tried to take him in the post a little bit, but he’s a lot stronger than you realize once you start trying to back him down, and he uses his body well. Then that competitiveness makes up for anything he lacks in height.”
Said forward Aidan Hadaway:”In practice he’ll body me up, and there’s nothing you can do about it. He’s like a little flea. That’s what we call him. Just can’t get him off of you.”
Reporter:”Aidan was telling me your nickname is ‘Little Flea.'”
Said Ramsey:”(laughs) He’s lying to you. (laughs) He’s lying. (laughs) He lies. He lies.”
Reporter:”Do you get a lot of comments about your laugh?”
Said Ramsey:”I do a lot. (laughs) A lot.”
Said Peppers:”Yeah. He does a lot of laughing.”
Said Ramsey:”I talk a lot, and I make a lot of jokes.”(laughs)

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