Reasons for the decline in active COVID cases

(WDEF)- Active COVID-19 cases across Tennessee and Georgia continue to trend down.

Cleveland’s mayor Gary Davis said Cleveland’s COVID active cases and hospitalization are down to their lowest numbers since mid-November.

“Our hospitalizations, of course, are important figures and they have trended down also,” said Davis.

This downward trend in cases continues across Tennessee and Georgia. North Georgia Infectious disease director Sherry Gregory said there are a variety of reasons including cases were extremely high due the holiday surge.

“We anticipated them to go down after the holidays because we’re not doing the same activities we were doing during the holidays. We’re not getting together like we were, with our families,” said Gregory .

“Now that we got those things (holidays) behind us the numbers are going back down,” said Davis.

She said due to so many people getting COVID a temporary herd immunity might have taken place.

“Many people got infected during the season that we have built up some herd immunity because so many people got infected,” said Gregory.

This level of protections is not permanent, so she is predicting another rise as people become more relaxed and that temporary protection goes away.

“We know that there are possibilities of re-infections so this. We’re in right now and may have some herd immunity but it’s not a guarantee, it’s not going to stay.”

Gregory thinks there hasn’t been enough vaccinations given yet to contribute in a major way to the decrease in cases and she said that is part of the problem.

“We have the force to do this in our district unfortunately the vaccine is just slowly coming to us. If we had the vaccine we could be leaves and bounds beyond where we are now,” said Gregory.

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