Recent house fires in East Lake lead to smoke detector inspections

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee(WDEF) – Two recent house fires in the East Lake area has prompted Chattanooga firefighters and the American Red Cross to be proactive on making sure homes have working smoke detectors.

Shortly after 3 A.M. On Friday, firefighters are called to a home in the 3200 block of 14th Avenue. It took crews 30 minutes to put our a blaze that investigators say may have started from propane tanks used for cooking.

The six people who were in the home got out safely thanks to one of the residents waking every one up. But that triggered a red flag for Investigators who now believe there was no evidence of a working smoke detector.

Ironically less than mile from that location, another home that went up in flames last Monday. A man and four kids barely escaped the inferno. Investigators handling that case also believe there may not have been working smoke detectors.

The recent fires in East Lake prompted Chattanooga firefighters and members of the American Red Cross to go door-to-door throughout East Lake to inspect and in some cases replace smoke detectors.

"It’s just amazing how many smoke alarms are in the homes but there are not working properly due to malfunctions, being outdated or just don’t have the proper batteries in them," said Chattanooga Firefighter Allen Green.

Residents who were at home when crews knocked on the door were very welcoming to  the firefighters, Red Cross Members and even news cameras. News 12 spoke to Shanika McCray who was one of the neighbors who received a new smoke detector installed in her home.

"I was definitely surprised. I wasn’t expecting all you guys to come into the house this morning but I definitely appreciate it. There’s a lot of people who actually need this and I’m glad that you guys came because I’m not sure if our smoke detectors even worked so I really do appreciate it," McCray said.

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