Recently released study takes a look at downtown Chattanooga parking

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) –  “I got hired on in the kitchen. I’ve worked here since day one. So I know everything about this place and the area that we exist in,” Community Pie General Manager Brian Scott said

He also knows about the parking around Community Pie.

It’s a restaurant that’s been in the Miller Park Plaza for five years.

“Street parking is usually full pretty quickly and people don’t really know where else to park from there,” Scott said.

It’s the Parking that he said could be having an impact on the restaurant.

“I think it caps you, maybe, potentially. I think that when the parking is full, people might just drive to the next location. They’re not going to try to circle the block and look for more parking. Maybe not as willing to park far away and walk when there is a closer restaurant within walking distance,” Scott said.

A recently released study by The River City Company shows Downtown Chattanooga actually does have lots of parking, with 43,000 spaces.

The issue: less than a third of that parking is open to the general public.

“How can we work with the folks that own that parking to open it up to the general public. So maybe it does stay reserved during the day. Monday through Friday 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. for your employees, but then in the evenings and the weekends, it’s opened up for general public parking,” The River City Company Marketing and Communications Director Amy Donahue said.

The study lists general recommendations.

Some of those include price adjusting the rates in certain parking, adding new parking garages, and increase shared private-public spaces.

“If we can create more parking access, increase comfort, increase the ability to find spaces and just make that process easier then overall we can create kind of, again, a better relationship of parking in downtown. So you don’t feel like it is sort of this big burden where you just don’t know where you can park,” Donahue said.

As for Scott, he said, the public spaces are great, but hopes to see more parking garages the public can use in the future.

The full study can be viewed on The River City Company’s website,

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