Recognizing Local Lineman on National Lineman Appreciation Day

“A lot of times we take for granted just flipping the light switch on and the lights come on. We fail to recognize what it takes to make that happen,” says Mike Partin. Today is National Linemen Appreciation Day. President / CEO of Sequachee Valley Electric, Mike Partin says linemen are the life line of their operation. “These guys go out night or day, its not just a 9 to 5 job, so these guys are the ones we call first to get the power back restored,” says Partin.

Linemen are in the top twenty – five most dangerous jobs in the country. They risk serious injury on the job as they handle high voltage power lines often in stormy weather.

Zach Stewart, a generational lineman for Sequachee Valley Electric says, “It’s something that’s very demanding. It takes time from our family, our loved ones, but I take pride in being a lineman because my family has been linemen going on eighty years now between my grandad and uncle and my dad, and that’s what I take away from it is knowing, following in their footsteps.”

Sequachee Valley Electric also helped in the aftermath of the Easter tornadoes that occurred exactly one year ago today.

“Those Easter tornadoes that affected mainly our sister utility EPB. As soon as we got our system back together, we were eager to send crews over there and we sent guys that stayed at least two weeks helping EPB do the restoration,” says Partin.

Today we celebrate all linemen that put their lives at risk to keep power flowing.

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