Red Bank Auto Burglar Behind Bars

Aron Lopez of Chattanooga is behind bars and faces 40 criminal charges after he was arrested in Red Bank this weekend.

Chief Tom Christol says the actual arrest came as a result of driving under the influence.

"Aron Lopez was arrested for DUI and driving on a suspended driver’s license after he was involved in a motor vehicle crash off Goodsen Avenue here in Red Bank."

23 counts of Auto Burglary and 13 counts of property theft are among this staggering list of charges.

Now 19 year old Lopez is behind held without bond in the Hamilton County Jail.

But Red Bank Resident Ann Allen says she’s glad another criminal is off the streets.

"I feel better about that because you know this is a small community so I’m glad that somebody who has that many charges is off the street and behind bars. It doesn’t matter where you live it’d make anybody feel safer," Allen says.

Chief Christol says it’s a reminder that auto burglary is an increasingly common crime.

"People are leaving more and more property inside their vehicles. They’re leaving it exposed and there are a lot of people that are looking for an opportunity for a quick score as such," he says.

Lopez may be behind bars, but Christol says it’s always a good idea to take valuables out of vehicles.

"If we have to leave something in the car try and cover it. Make sure our vehicles are locked. Park them in areas that are well lit after dark, just general things that we do every day we need to constantly remember to do that," says the Chief.

Allen says she plans to do just that.

"Taking stuff out of my car that people might want to break in and look at or go through or steal," she says.

In Red Bank, Brittany Shaw, WDEF News 12.

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