Red Bank Dog Park goers warn of multiple vehicle break-ins

RED BANK, Tenn. (WDEF) – Like most dog parks, the Red Bank Dog Park at White Oak has its regular visitors.

Mason Overbey brings his dog every day.

“She loves coming here every day. She comes mostly for the people though,” Overbey said.

Don Mackler also visits the park every day with his three dogs.

“This is the safest, nicest dog park I’ve been to compared to others and I just want to see it safe for everyone. You know people and dogs,” Mackler said.

Park goers said there have been multiple vehicle break-ins.

Mackler said over the last few months, there have been over a dozen.

“We’re frustrated because, again, it’s a violation, I mean, anytime you have something stolen,” Mackler said.

Regular dog park visitors said it has been happening the same way every time.

“Always the same thing. It’s someone breaks the glass, grabs whatever they can grab, runs off, we don’t know if it’s one car or two cars,” Mackler said.

“And they hit the cars toward the end of the parking lot where most people can’t see,” Overbey said.

“And they’ve been buying 500 dollar gift cards using Visa or whatever credit card they can find,” Mackler said.

They’re concerned for people who come to the park and may not be aware of the break-ins.

“Just try to keep your car in view. If you can see your car from the dog park, they won’t get you,” Overbey said.

Overbey said since the incidents he’s been making sure to keep his own vehicle parked close to the park and is in plain view.

Red Bank Police confirmed that they have had reports of vehicle break-ins, and that it is a problem.

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