Red Bank officials are working to make filing ordinance complaints a lot faster

Red, Bank (WDEF) – If you live in Red Bank, and have issues with your neighbor’s yard, city officials want to make sure your complaint is heard as quickly as possible.

Red Bank city manager, Randall Smith said the city currently receives so many ordinance complaints; it takes longer than it should to get them resolved, "We cite those to court and they come to municipal court, which is also crowded with criminal cases. They have a criminal docket, a traffic docket and then of course codes violations."

That’s why the Tennessee Legislature came up with an Administrative Hearings Officer, as a way to help cities receive and resolve ordinance complaints a lot faster.

Last Tuesday the new position was approved by the Red Bank board of commissioners, but won’t be finalized until the board makes a final vote next Tuesday.

Smith said it’s the best solution to the city’s small ordinance problem, "Having an administrative hearing officer will speed up that process, and take that burden off of municipal court. So that they can streamline, and hopefully get through their criminal docket and their traffic docket a lot faster."

A few locals have already voiced their concerns about the new position, claiming the city will only use it to gain control of their elected judge and the system they already have in place. But Smith said that’s not the case, "It’s not about control. We’re not trying to control judicial process in any way shape form or fashion. It’s just that we’re trying to get these remedies resolved faster."

The city of Collegedale and East Ridge already have Administrative Hearing Officers, and Red Bank officials say they hope to hire one before the beginning of next year.

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