Red Bank opens more Pickleball Courts for area

RED BANK, Tennessee (WDEF) – The city of Red Bank has added to the number of Pickleball Courts in our area.

They cut the ribbon opening up the courts on Monday.

They are at the Red Bank Tennis Courts in front of the Kids Corner Playground at 3899 Redding Road.

For Wade Cook, today was the culmination of a four year effort.

He pitched the idea of converting some of the old tennis courts.

And as luck would have it, someone in city hall had heard of the growing sport.

But budget constraints kept them from doing anything right away.

They started by adding some new lines on tennis courts to allow for either game.

Then the Pickleball phenomenon took off, convincing city leaders to take the plunge last winter.

So far, they have turned one tennis court into three Pickleball courts.

And Cook is still hoping for more.

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