Red Bank vs Central

Chattanooga (WDEF)-Red Bank matched their highest points total of the year last week as they beat East Ridge 22-10.
Central feel behind early in this one and Red Bank never looked back. Zay Brown looks like he got to excited about seeing open field here and slips down. That Red Bank running game marched them down the field slowly and methodicly. Calvin Jackson goes around the right side here and tight rops the sideline as the lions march down field.
Zay Brown back to work here and weaves through the purple pounders defense and streaches into the endzone after they missed the extra point that put red bank up 20 to 8. Central trying to respond it is 4th and inches here when Jaheim Jones has no space on the sneak so he bounces it outside and finds some spacehe is brought down out of bounds and is hurt on the play.
Coach looking for a horse collar call but he didnt get one…. and central didnt get the win either as Red Bank pounded the rock all night….to a 33 to 14 win.

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