Red Cross Disaster Relief

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- The state of Louisiana still needs our help, and The American Red Cross of Southeast Tennessee is looking for locals who are willing to volunteer.

Starting tomorrow, two different classes will be held, for those who want to volunteer and officials tell me they need the help now more than ever.

“The flooding is on the same scale as Katrina. So it’s pretty large-scale.”

After more than six trillion gallons of rain fell down on the state of Louisiana, The American Red Cross has sent nearly 19-hundred volunteers from all across America to help.

“We have shelters open and volunteers, and staff members down there, who are assisting by doing feeding and mass care and sheltering for the victims.”

Volunteer Services Specialist, Amanda Bisgaard says so far, three volunteers from Chattanooga have been sent to Louisiana, and this week, two training sessions will be held locally for anyone else who wants to help.

“It’s not too late to sign up for the classes in the next two days. You can either show up or you can give us a call and tell us your coming.”

Wednesday a virtual casework course will be held in the evening to teach volunteers how to help flood victims develop a personalized recovery plan, while connecting them to disaster mental health services.
And Thursday, a disaster assessment course will be held in the afternoon to teach volunteers how to collect and communicate disaster assessment information.

“This has been a huge disaster, and American Red Cross is very thankful for any of the volunteers that have gone already, and we’re really appreciative of anyone who’s interested in going. So we would like anyone who wants to volunteer to definitely reach out to us.”

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