Red Cross Proves No Job Too Small With Aid To Fire Victims

        "It’s just me and the guitar, out on the streets."
        Caleb Burrell is one of a handful of residents displaced from this apartment complex on Hamilton Avenue after a fire last night.
        "We were trying to put the fire out with pans and stuff from the neighbors. There was one point where he was running and he fell down. I just had to get him out of there. I was like dude, let’s just call 911 right now and pull anchor, man. Wait a minute, the dog is in there, so I run in his roommates room, who wasn’t home and I see the dog, and she’s afraid, sitting on the bed, and I had to go in and pick her up and bring her out."
        No one was seriously injured, but the blaze caused electrical issues that forced residents out until Tuesday. That’s when the local Red Cross stepped in.
        "They’ve hooked 7 people up with food and shelter, ensuring that we have food and shelter and that is more than enough. You know there’s only five units. So for them to do that, that’s going above and beyond and I really appreciate them," said Burrell.
        "The ultimate goal is the same, and that’s to provide relief for the people that have been affected by a disaster. Whether it is on a local or national scale, the mission is still the same to alleviate the pain and suffering of those being affected by mobilizing our volunteers," added Michael Puryear with the Chattanooga Red Cross.
        In the meantime, Burrell will try to bide his time until he can return to his residence on Tuesday.
        "I’ve got a lot of charisma. I think I’m going to rely on myself to do what I have to do. I can be here during the day, so i can get my stuff out. I think just staying busy, I think I’ll just work a lot and just occupy my time there."
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