Red paint dumped on city hall steps

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – The steps of Chattanooga City Hall were vandalized overnight.

News 12 Now’s Taylor Bishop has the details on cleanup efforts.

As people look and take pictures, Public work crews work for hours cleaning up red paint splattered on the City Hall steps.

“It’s not proving a point by any means it’s just causing more taxpayer dollars to clean up. It could be utilized in much different areas to correct the problem at hand with the police department, I take it that’s what this is for.”

Public Works crews say someone spilled red paint and left a sign that said “INACTION IS MURDER” overnight.

“Violent demonstration is not a demonstration it’s violence so that’s all there is to it.”

We have reached out to Mayor Andy Berke and Chattanooga Police Department who are investigating this vandalism incident.

“Violence and vandalism is not the way to get the message off that how important it is to make those changes in our city that’s going to create a better environment for all citizens, particularly those in the African-American and Latino communities.”

This comes after the city council proposed a budget that would take 2 million dollars from the Chattanooga Police department and give them to The Office of Community Resilience

“So I don’t think it was one thing, I think it was just built up frustration and the fact that we did vote to approve the budget just exasperated the situation.”

City councilman Oglesby says he believes this new budget will move Chattanooga in the right direction.

“We’re not going to be able to deliver everything particularly right now at this moment, but it’s something over time we can strive for and I believe if that’s what’s going to happen moving forward.”

If you have information regarding the vandalism, you are asked to contact CPD.

In Chattanooga, Taylor Bishop News 12 Now.


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