Red Wolves and CFC Coaches Explain Why Soccer is ‘The Beautiful Game’

Soccer has been dubbed ‘The Beautiful Game’. So what makes it ‘The Beautiful Game?
CFC coach Peter Fuller and Red Wolves coach Jimmy Obleda give us the low down on the nickname.

Peter Fuller sees the beauty in soccer from its continuous play.
Said Fuller:”The fact that nothing is set. Nothing is choreographed. Everything is free-flowing.”

Jimmy Obleda says it’s the beautiful game from it’s shear popularity.

Said Obleda:”Soccer is probably one of the few sports in the world that unites the world. I mean it’s one of the few sports that every country. It’s probably the first sport in every country.”

Obleda believes soccer can be exquisite even without any goals.

Said Obleda:”For many years growing up, they said wow, you can play a 90-minute game and nobody scores. That’s terrible right? But to understand what goes in and sometimes the best games are the zero-zero games.”

Both coaches admire the skill set it takes to make the game great.

Said Fuller:”There’s a beauty to a great dribbling move. A creative group play.”

Said Obleda:”People don’t understand how difficult it is. I mean I encourage you to get a ball and try to dribble around four cones and put a ball in an upper corner. it’s not as easy as you think. To be able to use different surfaces of your foot to manipulate the ball to where you want to go. Not just your foot, but your body.”

Fuller got to face perhaps the greatest player of all time. He was on a college all star team that went up against Pele.

Said Fuller:”I think he played 10 minutes, and then they took him off. He just got a quick little run-in, and he was done. I do remember one particular pass he made with the outside of his foot that was. It was unbelievable.”

Fuller says he uses the phrase ‘The Beautiful Game’, while it may be growing on Obleda.

Said Obleda:”I don’t think. It has never occurred to me. If it ever does, I’m going to say hey, you got me hooked on that word now.” (laughs)

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