Red Wolves Want to Get Ruthless

East Ridge, TN-(WDEF-TV) Following a frustrating 2-1 loss to South Georgia on Saturday, Red Wolves head coach Jimmy Obleda said his team needed to get ruthless. He’s hoping a ruthless mentality will fire up some goals for a sluggish offense.

The Red Wolves may not need to be ruthless like Queen Cersei on
‘Game of Thrones’. Then again.
Said Obleda:”They have to be able to just. Again might be a little too much, but they to be able to just cut their heats our when the moment comes.”
Killer instinct is the true goal..pun intended.
Said forward Steven Beattie:”We don’t want people hiding. It’s very easy for players to not want the ball. They don’t want to get yelled at. This again is where the maturity comes in. You have to step up to the plate.”
Said Obleda:”Our achilles heel right now. As a group we allow teams. We have them on the brink of the ropes, and we’re hitting them and almost knocking them out. And we allow them to get their second wind and third wind sometimes and be able to get back into the game.”
Chattanooga has scored six goals on the year, but Greg Hurst has five of them.
Reporter:”Can one guy carry a soccer team?”
Said Obleda:”Um. Unfortunately no.”
Said Beattie:”If you depend on one, and Greg gets hurt right now. Where do your goals come from you know.”
Said Hurst:”I’ve been lucky enough to be the one in position to score the goals, but I know that there’s every other player on the pitch is able to do what I’ve done as well.”
Maybe the Red Wolves can get that break-out game Saturday when they host New England.
Said Hurst:”We just need that one game that gives us the confidence to get going again. I think we all feel that that’s coming.”
Beattie:”I know Coach Obleda wants to enjoy a game for once. I think we can help him by doing that by scoring two or three rather than hanging on to a 1-0 lead.”

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