Redesigned McLemore Golf Club Opens Atop Lookout Mountain

Rising Fawn, GA-(WDEF-TV) The newly redesigned McLemore Golf club opened for play over the weekend. The resort course sits atop Lookout Mountain in Walker County.
This used to be the old Canyon Ridge golf club.
Bill Bergin helped oversee the course changes, which includes a brand new 18th hole with a spectacular mountain view.

Said Bergin:”Our goal was to make the golf course really fun, and also allow the excitement to match this incredible topography. We kind of divided this golf course into basically our cliff holes, our canyon holes, and our highlands holes. We have some up on a high plateau where we are playing on pretty gentle land. And we’re standing on the 18th hole, which is a brand new golf hole, and I think one of the most exciting holes in the Southeast. And we believe there will be a few pictures, especially this day and age with people and their cell phones and selfies. This will be a well photographed golf hole. The 6th is infamous. It plays out to a high plateau, and then it drops 100 feet down into the second shot and greens complex area. That’s our most dramatic change in elevation. We went about making the green complexes bigger. They absorb shots better. There’s more interesting shots around the green because most golfers don’t hit it on the green. They hit it near the green. So what happens on the ground around the greens is so important. We redid all of that at this golf course. The Chattanooga Metro is going to be here in July, and that’s very exciting because they did play the old Canyon Ridge back in the day.
It’s a special piece of property. I’ve said in an interview before it actually smells good, which people laugh about, but there is a climate here okay. It’s special. And you come up off the valley floor, and it’s different up here. As we were walking down to this green, we were looking at birds flying below us. So yes, there is this thing about regardless of the golf, you’re just happy to be in this environment and this topography. Enjoying this great piece of land.”

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