Redman Embracing Life After Tragedy

        Basketball is John Redman’s life. So was fiance Brittany Huber.
       "People don’t want to mention Brittany around me, but I have happy memories too. I like to hear more happy stuff…."
        The couple was on their way to be married in Mobile, Alabama. Instead a tragic auto accident claimed her life, and left him clinging to life. Redman was in a coma for 17 days. Once he woke up, he was determined to make it back on the court….for Brittany Huber…..
       "Brittany, I think she didn’t want me to be in the hospital. She made sure to do everything she could to get me out of there. She helped me for sure."
        Just a few months later, Redman was back on the hardwood, defying the odds, and trying to overcome the emotional scars of tragedy.
       "It is so important when you have a brain injury to kind of have something to look forward to, to have a routine, get the ball rolling and have everything going toward the goal. And goals are so important, having goals are so important."
        Just a few months after clinging to life, Redman is back embracing it, pouring his heart into the one love he has left, basketball.
        "I only have two loves in my life, Brittany Huber and basketball and now at least I still have one. If I lost both of them it would be really hard. Basketball is like an outlet for me and with basketball you know, I am able to make it a little better. It is still not a great anything but I’m able to make it a little better."
        "The players have embraced him and showed him a lot of love. Our whole team works hard, we want to be successful for John this year. I know John wants to be successful for our players," said Dalton St. Head Coach Tony Ingle.
        Redman wears Brittany’s wedding ring on a chain around his neck, knowing she’s with him every step of the way….
        "I talk to her. I say God let me talk to Brittany a little bit. Sometimes I just go sit in the closet because it smells like her, just sit in there for 30-45 minutes, hours sometimes, just sitting there with her in the closet."
        "It doesn’t get easier because it is almost like a bad dream. It doesn’t get easier but it gets better and you realize how good people really are."
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