Relative of child sexual battery victim talks exclusively to WDEF

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee(WDEF) – The man accused of sexual battery on a young teenage girls has now been described as a sick individual and a good liar by a close relative to the victim.

On Friday, John Crowell, 59, of Chattanooga appeared in front of Judge Don Poole for an arraignment but instead, he walked out of the courtroom with a new court date.

Crowell told Judge Poole he didn’t have legal council even though he was indicted two weeks prior to his arraignment. Judge Poole postponed the arraignment process until October 3.

A close family member to the alleged victim who wished not to be identified said she could not believe the process would drag out any longer considering it took nearly a year for a grand jury to indict Crowell.

"I thought we were finally going to get closure and we didn’t and I was very very frustrated," the relative said.

Frustration has been mounting for both the victim and the victim’s family because Crowell had reportedly admitted to investigators about what happened.

Now there’s concern from the victim’s family that Crowell might be trying to back track his statements.

"I think that he is a sick individual. I think he’s a good liar but he is truly sick," the relative said.

The day after Crowell was released on a $10,000 bond, WDEF caught up with him at his tax preparation office. He didn’t want to talk about the case and quickly left the scene. But the victim’s close relative has released damaging information and evidence in the case that led Crowell’s indictment. Information WDEF agreed not to publicly disclose for fear that it could further harm the victim.

Investigators said Crowell committed the crime as an authority figure; which is why the victim’s relative is offering advice to parents about red flag warnings when certain adults with a level of authority interacts with children that are not their own.

"You need to keep your eye out and make sure there doesn’t seem to be any excessive affection or attention"

WDEF asked the relative if she could ever forgive a man who is alleged to have caused a great deal of harm to a child.

"At this point, there’s no way I can forgive him because I have seen that this man has ruined a child’s life."

WDEF made contact with a couple of woman inside an office building where Crowell works. They were not surprised about the criminal charges based on conversations they had with other people who were in contact with Crowell.

Crowell is no stranger to trouble. In June of this year he plead guilty to DUI.

In 2005, he was sentenced to probation for aggravated assault.

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