Relative of one of the other suspects testifies in Lookout Valley triple homicide trial

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) – In the fourth day of the Lookout Valley triple homicide trial, one of the other suspect’s relatives testifies against Derek Morse.

Michael Shavers is the half-brother of Jacob Allison, the youngest suspect in the homicides. On Friday, Shavers gave details about what happened that night in April 2014.

Morse is the only one on trial right now, accused in the deaths of Jon Morris, John Lang, and Caleb Boozer.

Shavers says he spent part of the afternoon with Morse on the day of the homicides.

After the homicides, Shavers told police Morse told him where he hid the murder weapons. On Friday, Shavers says that was a lie and that he actually helped hide the guns.

Currently Shavers is in jail, charged with first degree attempted homicide in an unrelated case. He says while both in jail, Morse admitted to killing the three men and told him in detail what happened.

“There is Mr. Lang sitting in the chair in the lawn chair and he throws his hands up. He says he didn’t have anything to do with this. Derek, execution style, shoots him in the head,” Shavers said.

TBI experts also testified. One of them, who tests the DNA on evidence, says DNA on the guns either did not match any of the suspects or victims, or it was inconclusive.

A gunfire analyst says the clothes Morse was wearing the day of the shooting came back with gunshot residue.

The trial will resume at 1 pm on Monday.

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