Remembering the life of Jerry Levengood

RHEA COUNTY, Tennessee- Family, friends, co-workers and former students came to remember and celebrate the life of a Rhea County man Tuesday.

“I’m going to follow your advice. I threw my papers down, I typically just talk straight from the heart when I speak.”

Jerry Levengood was a well-known man around Rhea County. He was an educator, pastor, and part of the community.

“(I’m) a former student of Mr. Levengood,” said Shane Johnston. “Also then I served as assistant pastor and ultimately is one of his employees in the school system and we serve together in a lot of ways.”

“Great impact in the community and was known for years in multiple roles, so it’s a special place not just when Jerry got sick but when others get sick as well. It’s just a special place that cares for one another.”

Over the weekend, Levengood passed away at the age of 67 after battling cancer. Johnston said Levengood changed this community forever.

“A very special man with a lot of impact on this whole community and we’re certainly proud just to be a part of today,” said Johnston. I wanted to upload the name of the Lord and that’s what his life did and that’s what we want to do as well.”

Levengood’s celebration of life was on the Rhea County High School football field.

“It was one of his passions but more than anything it was a time for the whole community could take part,” said Johnston. “I think the effort was to try to involve as many people who wanted to be here during this time of social distancing. It was a special setting on a special day.”

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